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Local artist creates stunning patterns

using leaves at Sacramento State

As the fall season ushers in crisp weather, a curious artistic display of canary yellow labyrinths and gold honeycombs pops up below the gingko trees at Sacramento State University.

The intricate leaf art is the handiwork of Sacramento native Joanna Hedrick, a counselor at the university’s Student Service Center and a prospective fall 2018 recipient of a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy. As the golden leaves fall from the balding trees, Hedrick takes a rake around campus in the late afternoon to “carve” out complex more

Intricate Golden Labyrinths Created From Fallen Leaves of a Gingko Tree

Every year since 2013, Joanna Hedrick, a counselor at the Sacramento State University Student Service Center, celebrates the fall season in a special way. She rakes the golden leaves of the campus' gingko trees into elaborately artistic patterns, creating stunning pieces of environmental art.

Whether creating spiraling circles, a honeycomb, or a complex labyrinth, Hedrick carefully rakes the fallen leaves into intricate designs. She draws inspiration from environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy (whose visually striking nature art has also wowed us for years). With a background in landscape design and art, Hedrick sees her annual installations as a way to not only express her creativity, but to also transform the environment, drawing attention to its inherent beauty.

“[My art] is about taking something that’s already beautiful and making something unique—something you don’t just pass more

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...she’s been doing the artwork as an annual gift to students 
crisp weather causes hundreds of leaves to fall 
each time raking more and more complex arrangements
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