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Find Beauty in the Ordinary

Joanna Hedrick

Thanks for visiting my site. I'm still working on adding content so, keep checking back for updates.  
With a background in art, horticulture and photography, I found a way to combine my different passions into one art form which I call FALLen Ginkgo Art. I am a staff and student majoring in Philosophy at California State University, Sacramento. What started with a rusty old rake, concentric circles and a need to create a more interesting backdrop to take photos of my kids has spiraled into; more elaborate patterns and increased exposure of my art.
The Ginkgo biloba tree is by far my favorite because they turn golden yellow and nearly drop all their leaves at once which creates a beautiful canvas of leaves.  Over the past five years I have been raking patterns in the ginkgo leaves.  I started with concentric circles that mimicked the rings of a tree and a simple 7 circuit labyrinth.  The designs generally take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to create, if they are more complicated or consist of multiple trees they may take longer. I was inspired to make labyrinths in the leaves because my daughter Sagan was attending a Montessori pre-school at the time and I installed a rock labyrinth in their playground.  The fall season at the Sac State campus can get busy with midterm and final exams, my hope is that people enjoy my art or at the very least it provides a nice distraction during a busy and sometimes stressful time.  
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